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Sporting Information.

How does sports sign ups happen at Boulcott School

Boulcott School offers a number of sports throughout the year. Families will be emailed out information for the sports with a google form attached. This google form must be completed and payment be made to ensure that your child/ren are entered into a team. Each team entered into competitions requires “Star helpers” in a coach or manager role and without this support we are unable to enter teams.

Sports Term 1

There are a number of sports on offer in Term 1 that have a very tight turnaround with registrations closing early February. I will send out an email on the 23rd of January with more information for each sport and links to the google forms for you to be able to sign up your child/ren.  

Sports include

Netball – FutureFERNS

Registrations close Monday 5th  February 2024

  • This is for Year 1 & 2 and Year 3 & 4 students and run for a total of 6 weeks in TERM 1. The programme runs on a Saturday with rounds starting from 9am. This starts on Saturday 17th February and runs through to Saturday 23rd March. Saturday 6th April is a reserve day.
  • Each team that we enter will need a “STAR Helper/Coach for the duration of this programme
  • Costs will be determined depending on the number of students who sign up and will be invoiced by school.


Touch Rugby

Registrations close Monday 5th February 2024

  • This is for Year 1 – 6 students and is played on Thursday afternoons at Fraser Park. Term 1 season is for 6 weeks and starts on Thursday 15th February.
  • Each team will need a “Star Helper/coach/manager
  • Costs will be determined depending on the number of students who sign up and will be invoiced by school.



Registrations close Friday 9th February 2024

  • This is for Year 5 & 6 students only and is played on Tuesday afternoons between 4pm – 6:30pm at Naenae Badminton Hall. 
  • Students will play in pairs and play 2 singles and 1 doubles match each week.
  • Cost is $25 per person 



  • Sunday 3rd March.

XRACE is an exciting parent-and-child adventure race where one parent and one or two children aged between 6 and 14 must work together to locate and complete 10 mystery challenges, racing against the clock and other family teams. There is also a Nippers race for the Under 6’s.

More than just a race, XRACE is an immersive family adventure designed to create lasting memories and strengthen bonds between parents and children. It’s a screen-free experience, apart from the obligatory paparazzi photos.

Teams can choose their own pace, whether it’s a flat-out sprint from the start or a leisurely walk. 

We have been able to secure a 15% discount for you to race together and all those that use this code will be sent off in the same wave on the day.

Click here to go to the XRACE website find out more and sign up

Please note: this is an event run outside of Boulcott School. Sign up and payment is required on the XRACE website.